Well Hello there…

Welcome to the boudoir ( well, not so private ) of Miss P Shiks aka PSHIKOTRA Webdesign & Photography.

I decided to try out the blogging world to promote my work & talk about ‘stuff’. There might be useful information, there might be useless ‘stuff’ Although I will try to keep it useful & fun for you.

I am going to stick to the free version of wordpress for the moment – to familiarise myself with it all & then eventually integrate it with my website – http://www.pshikotra.com

A little bit of information, I graduated in 2008 – took a while out & early 2010 I found my love for webdesign again. So off I went on the hunt for freelance work.

I aim to design user friendly websites, logo’s & leaflets and provide the right solution for my clients which are easy on the eye & fit in with their business needs.

In 2009 I also re-discovered my love for Photography. I will be creating some blogs soon discussing what’s been happening in 2010 +.

i ❤ web design, photography, baking cakes & animals.

Miss P Shiks

P.S Here’s a shot from a gig in Manchester a few months ago. Enjoy

Just another night on stage

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