Canon 5D Mark II

I have been itching to update my camera for a while. I brought my first Digital SLR in 2009 – A Canon 450D which came with a 18-55mm kit lens. I was amazed at the results in comparison to using a normal point and shoot. I took it to a few gigs & tested out the lens. The kit lens wasn’t amazing for low light photography and so I jumped at the chance to add some new glass to my collection.

A Canon f1.8 50mm & a 24-70mm Sigma lens was added to the collection. Some good results right there. I learnt so much using these two lenses for lowlight photography.

I’ve been researching into new camera body’s & lenses for a while now & came to the conclusion if this is what I want to do for good and make a career of it I have to invest in the equipment. With that in mind I started researching what’s on the market. It was a toss up between a Canon 7D & Canon 5D Mark II.

Why a Canon you might be thinking. Although a Digital SLR is very different to a point & shoot I had  a bad experiance with a P+S Nikon & since then I have steered away from them. Anyhow I LOVE the feel of a Canon body – so sexy and smooooth! Something to grip onto!

I had narrowed it down to the two cameras above (Canon 7D and 5D Mark II) In the end I decided to go for a 5D Mark II. Alot of people asked me Why this one? Well, I figured a 7D would be a nice jump up from a Canon 450 – It was retailing at around £1000 (body only) and the Canon 5D Mark II was retailing around £1650-1700.

The Canon 5D Mark II is a full frame camera & I thought if I am spending over a £1000 anyway I may aswell invest in the 5D as there’s plenty of things I am still learning and will last me much longer – I think there will eventually be alot more full frame bodys available & I may aswell invest in something that will be future proof.

Canon 5D Mark II – Purchased!

The Sigma 24-70mm is such an awesome lens – I grabbed a bargain whilst a work mate was selling his – I LOVE this lens! It works SO well with the Canon 5D Mark II also! I invested in a 50mm f1.4 as the results from the f1.8 were not what I wanted. There is a noticable difference between the two lenses – the 50mm f1.4 is so much sharper than the f1.8 – both were Canon lenses.

I am having fun getting use to the new body and lens & I know this is an investment worth while

Here are some test shots!


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