Shoot the Catwalk/London Fashion Week Competition Sponsored by Canon

I recieved an email a couple of days ago from Professional Photographer magazine – For those of you who don’t know what that is – it’s a top digital photography magazine which is available across the UK,  and it’s full of useful information. Their sister magazine – Turning Pro – is FANTASTIC. Yes it deserves to be typed in capitals!

The email grabbed my attention with a heading ‘ We’re looking for talented, emerging photographers to shoot at London Fashion Week’

I just HAD to check the details out! I got so excited!

I am a Canon user myself & it caught my attention as it had the Canon logo in the e-letter, and the words ‘ London Fashion Week ‘ all in one!

Turns out the magazine have a competition – in association with Canon – to give a chance to up & coming Photographers, to win accredited passes to shoot Jaeger at London’s Spring Summer 2011 catwalk show & rehearsal from the catwalk pit at London Fashion Week!

The competition brief was to ‘ Submit one image that sums up how you see the world ‘

I instantly thought of a shot which I had taken whilst working on a photoshoot with model Nicole Miller & Makeup Artist Emma Naylor, out and about in Manchester during the VERY cold winter just last year.

I have submitted this shot and titled it ‘ Live life to the edge ‘ – I try to live by this phrase on a daily basis and try do things which make me feel exhilerated and alive  – I think people forget to enjoy themselves in what they are doing & start  ‘ living to work ‘  and settle for plodding along…That’s just not me!!

I hope you enjoy this photo as much as I did taking it  – Thank you to the two girls for freezing their butts off during this shoot! It was definately different to say the least!

Thank you to everyone for leaving feedback on the photo at the Professional Photographer’s website too – Really appreciate your support.

It’s appeared on the website & is currently showing as the most rated / commented photo in the ‘ shoot the catwalk / london fashion week competition ‘ category – here’s hoping I win a pass!

Shot on a Canon 450D
Live Life to the Edge

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