Crumpler & Coffee!

So I am trying REAL hard to stick to a post a day but finding it a little bit difficult. It’s been a few days since I updated my blog. My bad!

So anyway, today I went off out for a meal with my fab friend Emma, we had a bite ( or two ) to eat at a Thai restaurant called Pacific which is in Manchester’s China Town. Boy were we stuffed after eating lots of lushious food!

I had been eyeing up a Crumpler photo bag for the last couple of months – I needed a new bag which would fit my laptop in there plus a body & few lenses for my travels. I had seen it for cheaper on Amazon UK but then I visited the site today and the prices had gone up! Figured I would go and take a look in the Crumpler store in Manchester – last time i visited, the young guy helped me and was friendly and gave me enough information to help choose the right bag.

So we went in & there was my baby to be! This Crumpler bag is awesome! I had a lowprowe as my main bag – it was a good bag but it showed off that I had camera equipment & it doesn’t have a slot for my laptop – I didn’t want this with my next bag.

I saw the Crumpler – The Mob Boss ( such a funny / cool name for a bag right? ) a few months ago – it’s about the only one that will house a 17″ laptop & equipment in there. It feels so sturdy and there’s plenty of pockets in there to house additional equipment. It has such a snug fit for my 17″ laptop also. This bag & my equipment will be attached to me like glue on my travels so it was important for it to feel right when worn. I tried the bag out on my back & it’s SO comfy and mega padded! It has tonnes of little compartments for things like memory cards & batteries and other accessories. You also get a waterproof cover for the bag too.

Here’s my new baby!

Crumpler The Mob Boss
Crumpler shopping!
crumpler mob boss
Crumpler - The Mob Boss!
crumpler the mob boss
Crumpler The Mob Boss
crumpler the mob boss
Inside the main body is a camera / lens compartment
Crumpler The Mob Boss
You can use the bag as a day bag too - There is a zipper which allows you to seperate lens / camera to the day pack area
Crumpler The Mob Boss
Laptop slot-in area & water proof cover for the bag
Crumpler The Mob Boss
Secure area to stash money / cards / other bits

After doing a spot of shopping we headed on over to the local Caffe Nero for a quick coffee!

Chai Latte? Why not!

Caffe Nero Chai Latte
Caffe Nero - Chai Latte
Chai Latte
Caffe Nero - Chai Latte

And this is my beautiful friend Emma

My beautiful friend Emma

8 thoughts on “Crumpler & Coffee!

    1. I would definately recommend it Andy. Very sturdy and you also get a 30 year warranty for it if you buy it in-store. The staff were really helpful too. Mine was £209 but it’s a long term investment.

  1. Sorry, I couldn’t concentrate past the words “Mob Boss”. My mind just went back to when I used to play World of Warcraft, and I went into a nostalgic little daydream…

    For the uninitiated:
    Mob = generic baddie in a computer game
    Mob Boss = really big, strong, hard-to-down baddie.

    I guess it’s a clever name for a product likely to be bought by computer geeks, some of whom will know that once you’ve downed a mob boss in the game, you gain a lot of experience points, or even a level (if you’re a noob). ^^ And gold. And equipment. Hope you’re happy with it anyway.

  2. OMG Priti! Love the blog and some of the photos 😉
    It was a great day with a great mate- who had a camera larger than her face stuck to her face for sometime whilst I was trying to enjoy my latte. Gonna miss ya so much…
    Great bag by the way! xx

  3. Just having a read through your blog entries. Proper good work so far and I’m loving the new bag!! hopefully picking my new bag tomorrow. Can’t wait…sad but true. Keep it up.

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