Manchester Music

I met one of the members of Duo Nez & Mynx back in primary school! It’s crazy to know that. The other member of the duo I met in secondary / high school.

We all finished school & went our seperate ways and then a few years ago we were back in touch via facebook. Just recently one of the members got in touch asking whether I was available to do a shoot with them. They needed some photos for promotional use – Turns out they have been working on music projects over the last couple of years.

Following on from my previous post – You will know that I absolutely loves music & I will jump at the chance to work with artists. It’s a way for me to give back to the music scene and say ‘ Thanks I totally admire you for your hardwork and producing music for my ears ‘. Β So we pencilled in todays date & we worked together today on the shoot.

If you get a chance – Have a listen to their music at

It was a pleasure working with the boys & I am extremely happy with the results.

Here are a few shots from the day

nez & mynx
This is the house where it all started for the boys - Creating music in the bedroom - Left: Mynx Right: Nez
Nez pictured in front of the house where it all started
Mynx standing in front of his house - Where it all started
Mynx & Nez back on the home turf in Manchester
Nez & Mynx - Passion for music brought them together at a young age


Nez & Mynx
Nez to the left, Mynx to the right

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