She’s a lady

Along with live music, photography, a combination of both and baking,  I love animals.

I have a dog, had 2 geckos & some little furry rats. When people say a man’s best friend is a dog – I totally know what that means after having Benji. They are such important members of the family – you don’t realise it until you have a dog! I love my furry companion & dogs in general – they have so much character! And are always there for you through thick and thin. Where am I going with this your probably wondering.

This next photoshoot came about when Antonio approached me about a photoshoot with his furry companion. Through thick and thin his dog Suka has been there with him & he had a concept of a ‘ New Beginning ‘ for the shoot. I jumped at the chance to work with them!

With animals, they do what they want to do – you just got to go with it! It was challenging but SO much fun!

Here are some of my favourite shots of the day.

canon 5d mark II
Suka in the mood for playing
Suka having a moment in the warmth of the sun
canon 5d mark II
A man's best friend

The Lady had spotted something
canon 5d mark II
Suka was a little tired at this point
Yup we tried to make The Lady smile
canon 5d mark II
Towards the end of the shoot
canon 5d mark II
Walking into the future together - Suka & Antonio - New Beginning

P.S This is my dog

My furry companion Benji

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