Todays travels around Melbourne was immense. When I read about Fitzroy I didn’t at all expect what I saw today. And when I saw Chinatown was a recommended place to visit – I didn’t at all imagine it would be what it was.

Strolling down the streets of Fitzroy I was surrounded by pretty pictures and amazing work by amazing artists – the most amazing thing about it was that the graffiti on the walls were standing proud & it had not been destroyed by modernising. It felt that Melbourne was showing off what it had – and I think this should be the case everywhere. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Chinatown was again amazing. Little boutiques were scattered around China Town & as I strolled across the streets I could smell the fresh food being cooked. Different aromas as I walked block to block. A mish mash of people appreciating and enjoying this culture.

I took a little break from photo snapping and grabbed a table at a small cafe which was on a corner of a small street. Pleasant and peaceful enjoying a slice of coconut & lemon slice + some sweet tea.


Fitzroy - Puppet Store

Streets of Fitzroy

To see the world in a grain of sand & a heaven in a wild flower hold infinity in the palm of your hand & eternity in a hour
Shire Cafe - Coconut & Lemon Slice
Tea to accompany my coconut & lemon slice
Lush car parked up out front
A house in fitzroy




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