It’s nice to be able to go somewhere and soak up information that you may not normally read about. I’m not sure about you, but I learn by doing as opposed to reading / being verbally told. The only time I can take information in when reading is when I am reading a magazine or a book.

I find museums a great place for learning new stuff / old stuff.  I have visited a fair few museums in the UK and they were nice and informative in their own way. Just the other day I visited Melbourne Museum. The museum was mind blowing. When you entered, they had displays, then there were several galleries you could visit & then there was an outdoor area which had information on forest secrets. What I loved about the museum was that it had so much different information – ranging from Art such as Mulana / Koori Voices to The Mind: Enter The Labrynth to things like the Human Body for all ages/

If your in Melbourne at any point – be sure to check it out for $8 it’s fantastic.

Here are some of my fave shots of the day.

Now check this camera out! Look at the size of this beast!

Enter the Labrynth
Enter the Labrynth

Just for fun

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