Ned Kelly

Coming to Australia on travels I didn’t expect it to be what it is. There is certainly more to Australia then beaches and the sun! Along with them ( which by the way i totally love!! ) is alot of history. I have always been intrigued and interested by the history of the indegenous people of australia – Aborigines & when visiting Melbourne Museum I learned a fair bit.

Today was one of those days where I learnt a fair bit. I visited The Old Melbourne Gaol. Australia’s most controversial character was hung here back in 1880 – Who’s that? Ned Kelly. Before visiting the old melbourne gaol I didn’t know too much about him. I thought The Old Melbourne Gaol experiance was fun yet sad to see that so many innocent people were hung to death several hundred years ago. Ned Kelly’s death mask was also on show here and I was able to walk through the old gaol & read different stories posted on the walls of the cells. The City Watch House was also fun & I got to experiance how it would have been to be convicted of an offence in the past.

Here are some shots of the day

Old Melbourne Gaol
Old Melbourne Gaol
A young fella was proven innocent after being hung
Cell number 10 - Ned Kelly
Through the prison cell window
Cell door
The Old Melbourne Gaol

Shoebox model in a cell door
Shoebox model in a cell door
Ned Kelly
Ned Kelly - ' I would rather face the gallows then go to gaol again '
Cell in the City Watch house
City Watch House
City Watch House - Sergeant Finch

Here the hanging took place in the Old Melbourne Gaol
Stairs up to the third floor
Ned Kelly Death Mask
My name was Edith Bostock whilst taking part in the City Watch House experiance - I was convicted for stalking

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