So, one of the shows I have watched religiously for years is Neighbours! Yup cheesy as it may be I love this show. Being such a huge fan I just HAD to do the Neighbours tour whilst here in Melbourne on travels.

Yesterday I set off for the Neighbours office in the morning and by 9am we were on our way to Ramsay Street with a DVD on the tour bus playing back interviews and the sorts from members of the show.

The tour bus real cheesy but hey it was fun!

First we went to Ramsey Street ( The real name for it is actually Pin Oak Lane!) On TV the street looks heaps bigger – infact Ramsey street is tiny! It was still fun though seeing the houses from outside. Turns out the street is filmed maybe 2/3 times a week & the people that live there are asked to clear their driveway for the filming. I believe the guys are looked after very well though & Fremantle Media actually own one of the houses as storage.

On the way to see Ramsey Street, we also saw the real sets Neighbours use to use – The school they use to use was called Burnley English School – I do think Erinsborough High sounds better. By the way did you know how they came up with the name of the show ? It’s an anagram of the word Neigbours! I didnt know that till I went on the tour.

After visiting Ramsay Street we went off to the studio to see the set for the show. The set was awesome I must say, so much fun! It’s heaps smaller than what we see on TV for sure! Carpenters Mechanics, Charlies, Grease Monkeys, Lassiters Lakes, Erinsborough High & Police Station were all on set! Unfortunately they were not filming so we didnt get to see the insides. As part of the tour we got to meet a member of the show past or present.

I got to meet… drumroll…. Stingray aka Ben Nicholas. He was such a lovely guy & it was a pleasure meeting him. For those of you who don’t remember how he left  – he was killed off and the story line went along the lines of Stingray having a bone marrow transplant & he died soon after. It was a fun day all in all.

Here are some photos for you Neighbours fans! Unfortunately it was a tad rushed!

If you intend on using any of these images then please get in touch first.

Erinsborough High School - The old set - turns out its now used anymore. Now they use a built up set.
Number 24 Ramsey Street - Originally Harolds house - Kate, Sophie, Lucas and Lou now live here
Number 26 Ramsey Street - Summer & Lynn were living here until it got burned down - now being rebuilt on the show
Number 28 Ramsey Street - The Kennedy household!
Number 27 Ramsey Street - Robinson household
Remember when Zeke & his friend were protesting and they broke through some barriers.. yep you guessed it this is it
You know when they use the pay phone? this is the one
Bric a Brac!
Carpenter's Mechanics
Erinsborough bus stop

The police station
Lassiters Lake
Harold's Store
Erinsborough News
Toadie aka Jarrod Rebecchi's place
Remember this?
Stingray! Remember him?
Yup Stingray! Met Ben after the tour - was a pleasure and such a lovely guy

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