Koala’s & Kangaroos

Two days ago I visited Phillip Island in Melbourne for the Penguin Parade. Apparantly it’s a boooming market in this area & it’s a $1 billion a year for the market & hence they try to conserve the penguins as best as possible – the amazing thing is that the Penguin Parade is a not for profit organistion & the money is being injected right back into conserving the colonies of Little Penguins. There are around 40,000 penguins now, the figure had gone down to around 10,000 however Australia have managed to up the figures.  It was part of a tour and prior to visiting Philips Island, we went to Moonlit Sanctuary which was like a Wildlife Centre , Philip Island Koala Conservation Centre and we stopped off at Churchill Island too.

One of the things I have always wanted to do is pet a Koala & a Kangaroo! Unfortunately petting a Kangaroo didn’t happen however the next best thing was petting and feeding a Wallaby! And yes I got to meet an amazing Koala! Did you know Koala’s sleep for a whole 20 hours a day and the little time they are awake they just eat. They eat alot of Eucalyptus leaves & instead of drinking heaps of water, they soak up the natural minerals and water from the eucalyptus leaves.

Here are some of my shots of the day – Hope you enjoy them!

Please get in touch before using these images if you do intend on doing so.

P.S Unfortunately there are no photos of the penguins as photography is prohibited at the penguin parade.

Feeding wallabies at Moonlit Sanctuary
Taiba the Koala at Moonlit Sanctuary

Peacock at Churchill Island
Lavender Garden at Churchill Island

Churchill Island

Philip Island

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