The armpit of Australia

That’s right. I am literally at the armpit of australia – hence why I have been unable to blog for what seems like a LONG while. I guess 3 months – ish is quite a while. I’m currently working in a roadhouse – Dingo Roadhouse – i’m not kidding – it exists!

It’s a little place between another little place called Blackwater & a, what seems like a city in comparison, place called Rockhampton. The population of Dingo is maybe, say, 150 people. Theres the roadhouse I work at, a post office, and a pub. Oh and a few houses. Plenty of horses though!

Currently all I do is eat, sleep, work. It’s no good for the wasitline! Can not wait to get outta here!

Here are some shots from in and around Dingo!

Thousand's of dollars worth of coal is sent through on these trains


















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