Confessions of a shopaholic

Everyone loves shopping right? OK well maybe not everyone but  I love it! I’m not a big fan of window shopping however. Does it happen to you, when you have money to spend you never find a thing, but then when you have no pennies you see heaps of things to buy? Don’t you just want to scream!

I loved the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic! All these fantabulous beautiful pretty things you see in the store and you buy them and then you think ahhhh I didn’t NEED that.. wait a minute i DID need that it will go with the brand spanking new pants i brought, or you justify it by saying to yourself ‘ohh well if i buy this new top i will get more wear out of those pants i have’ Yup been there done that. I do that ALOT. Do you do that too??? I feel for you girls!!

So living in Dingo we visit the ‘ city ‘ Rockhampton every few weeks ( although must stop doing this as i am in dingo to SAVE for my next leg of the trip – See other posts of mine ) I do my food shop and then have a browse around. During my last few trips, I have not found a single item of clothing I liked. However ( you can see where this is going right?  ) i visited rocky the other day. Mooched around the mall after having my hair done & OH MY!! New season!! New clothes – Beautiful clothes & accessories! ( I have not brought a single peice of new clothing in the last 6 months, again, this is cause im travelling and dont need the extra weight in my bag! )

I brought some gorgeous clothes and just HAD to buy these beautiful accessories!!  I am having withdrawal symptoms from not being able to do much Photography right now & so i thought I would share this with the internet and your gorgeous faces!! Here are some accessories and a new pair of shoes I brought!

I just love hearts and pearls and cute jewellery - it was a must buy! From Forever New
Leaf ring - Brought from Sportsgirl
Shoes brought from Temt & Owl necklace brought from Sportsgirl!
Brought from Forever New

4 thoughts on “Confessions of a shopaholic

  1. Six months without buying new clothes??? I admire your restraint… I’d have cracked way before, and bought a lot more than that!

    1. Yeah… It was difficult!! You know how it is!! I am living out of a suitcase though and can you imagine carrying so many things! It’s hard! Oh i brought plenty more things – more clothes! If you would like to see some of the clothes let me know I can post another blog up 🙂

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