From Dingo to Brisbane

After working in Dingo Queensland for 6 months straight, finally the day arrived to leave!

Working in Dingo was certainly an experiance, the people I met on the way were amazing and the job itself had pros and cons.

Next stop was back to Brisbane, I visited Brissie prior to heading over to Dingo.

This time the trip was to visit Australia Zoo. The zoo was a real good visit and its great that Steve Irwin’s legacy lives on through this place.

It’s obvious they care about the animals at this place which was fantastic to see. Not only was it great to see animals in their natural environment where possible, such as the open plan Africa Safari which is being worked on and the vast amount of land for the tigers, but also they were educating visitors on topics such as the import export of tiger bone and so forth.

I would highly recommend the zoo for all animals lovers, kids and adults!

It was $60 AUD entrance for adults. For anyone who may be  backpacking or want to save money getting there / see more by land , the cheapest way to get there for me was to catch the subway from Roma Street station through to Nambour. It cost $15 AUD one way.

The hostel I stayed at was Banana Benders Backpackers which is just outside of the city ( walking distance )  – its clean and the guys are real nice there – especially the daughter and her boyfriend.

Here are some of my fave shots from Brisbane City during my second trip there.



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