Sydney VS Melbourne

On from Brisbane, next stop was Sydney.

I’ve met alot of people on my travels, quite a few of them had visited / lived in Sydney prior to my meeting them. I was suprised that alot of them said “It’s a nice place to visit, but thats about it’. I’d been pretty excited about visiting Sydney – for a long while infact. I was to meet a few friends from Dingo when visiting too, so it was to be a fun trip.

Upon arriving, I headed to my friend’s place and got settled in and so forth, then we hit the subway back to Central Sydney. It’s pretty cheap transport – it cost rouhgly $3.40 from where I was staying in Redfearn which is just situated outside Central Sydney. Later on in the trip we just walked to the city as it was just 15 minutes from the main strip – Pitt Street & George Street.

We headed over to Sydney Harbour – It was nice to see it since I had always seen so many photo’s of the place & as a photographer I was pretty excited to get some hot shots! The only problem with that was getting a boat ride out as I could only find information on the expensive rides which was around $75 bucks. Apparantly there are cheaper rides but when the rain came in on us we gave it a miss. The Bridge looked stunning though!

There’s heaps of shopping to do but they were mainly high street stores & chains.

The Rocks was a nice little area to walk around and there were a few little boutique style stores dotted here & the one thing I noticed was the number of book stores there were! There’s just something about a book – a physical book – the smell and feel of it! and it made me all fuzzy inside seeing independant bookstores! I wish there were just as many in Manchester back home!

Where does Melbourne fit into all this your wondering?

Alot of locals, whilst working in Dingo, use to discuss with me the pros and cons of each city. How if you were from Melbourne, you thought Sydney was too snooty, and if you from Sydney, Melbourne wasn’t ‘cool’ enough.

Having visited both Sydney and Melbourne ( at least the central areas ) , I must say I totally fell in love with Melbourne. It has SO much character and its so artsy in comparison to Sydney.

Sydney is a beautiful city in its own right but it doesn’t have the quirkyness of Melbourne. It doesn’t have the graffiti art on the streets such as Fitztroy and even around central Melbourne, or the funky little boutiques that make it quirky or ‘that’ little coffee shop which is a hidden gem down the side street.

I think they are two very different cities entirely and attract different types of people – for me Melbourne wins hands down! Culture, atmosphere, food and art!

Here are some photos from both Sydney and Melbourne.

Sydney Harbour
Harbour Bridge
Streets of Sydney
Capitol Theatre Sydney
Streets of Sydney




Outside Melbourne Museum
Fitzroy Melbourne




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