Goodbye Australia

7 months on from Australia – it was time to say goodbye!

Australia is such a big place and near impossible to cover everywhere, especially if you dont have transport.

The highlights of my time there?

Melbourne – I finally got to pet a Koala! I have wanted to do this for years on end ( ya ya that’s lame I know! ) Loved exploring Melbourne, when I visit again, Ill be sure to stick around in Melbourne alot longer 😉

Visiting Ayres Rock was beautiful – Alice Springs was green like never before & it was so much fun having a hot air balloon ride at sunrise & outback quadding in the blazing heat.

Dingo – Although it was no fun working nights for 4 months straight, I met some amazing people working over in Dingo. It was a pleasure meeting them & I hope our paths will cross again soon! Here I also seen heaps of wild kangaroos whilst walking and also bumped into a western brown snake! oooeeee! I think I ended up in real australia and it was a real good experiance.

Here are some of my fave shots from my time in Australia – Enjoy!

Koala Conservation, Melbourne
En route to Philip Island, Melbourne
Melbourne Zoo
Melbourne City
Chai in a quirky little cafe hidden away in Fitzroy Melbourne
Ayres Rock / Uluru at its reddest as the sun begins to set
View of Alice Springs as the sunrises from the hot air balloon ride
Outback hot air balloon ride


Yeppoon Beach


Blackdown Tablelands National Park


Rail track in Dingo


St Joseph's Catholic Church Dingo


En route to Uluru / Ayres Rock

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Australia

    1. Thanks mrchristiner – there were so many hidden gems in Melbourne – it just has so much character doesnt it? There was a huge contrast between Melbourne and Brisbane Sydney & so forth. Just love it!

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