Lovina, Sarongs and Dolphins in Bali

After staying in Ubud for 5 days – I ventured out to Lovina. My stay in Ubud had been pleasent.

Lovina is north of Ubud and it took a 3 hour bus ride from Ubud to get here. The shuttle cost R 135,000 ( $13 AUD roughly ) Luckily no cab tried to sting us as the homestay is 100 m walk from the shuttle.

After a day of rest, the first ‘tour’ I did was a day tour. This tour included the following

  • Gitgit Waterfall
  • Ulun Danu Temple (Lake Bratan) The temple on the lake
  • Bedugal Botanical Gardens
  • Candikuning Market
  • Munduk – Coffee plantation – Coffee Luwak the worlds most expensive coffee
  • Buddhist Temple
  • Banjar Hot Springs

This was arranged via the homestay – It cost R 350,000 for the whole day with our own guide and that was the cost for a car as opposed to per person. So for 2 of us it was R 175,000 each and its so cheap if you have more than 2 people.

Gitgit Waterfall was lovely – we opted for the 2 waterfall tour which cost us R 200,000 ( $20 AUD )

The temple on the Lake was also stunning to see although you couldnt go to the ceremony area. This temple is a Shivaite & Water temple.

Brahma Vihara Arama – This is Bali’s largest Buddhist monestry and i thought it was stunning detail and carvings on the temples.

The other places listed we didnt end up visiting as its the beginning of the wet season and it started raining heaps!

The driver was nice enough to take us through a small village where some of the locals made sarongs to sell for  living. These machines were insane and it looks like hard work! Kudos to them – it takes 3 weeks to make a single sarong by hand. The quality of the sarong was beautiful though.I asked them for permission to take photos which can be seen later.

It’s so much better to travel and have an assigned driver sometimes i think as they are local and they can show you the un touristy bits – it was a fasntatic day in my opinion! He even took us to a restaurant up by a mountain to have lunch…Yeah I had Gado Gado for 3rd day in a row !

Two days later ( today ) we went on a Dolphin Watch tour. it cost R 60,000 ( $6 AUD roughly ) It was a boat for 2 people and the boatman took us out for an hour or so to see dolhins in the wild! It was an amazing experiance and so scenic as it was in time for sunrise by the mountains!

Here are some of my favrioute captures.

Boats at Lovina Beach - The beach is Volcanic sand
Cocoa in its original form
Taken at Git Git Waterfalls
Inbetween places during the day tour

Just outside the Temple on the Lake
Temple on the Lake - Ulun Danu Temple
Worker on the rice fields
A worker in one of the nearby villages who makes Sarong's - 3 weeks to complete a single sarong

These are decorations used in rituals at temples - made from coloured dough
Generally the houses were 1/2 rooms & the friends & family gathered together out front to complete these tasks
Taken at the Buddhist Monestary

Street shots taken from the cab we were in
Street shots taken from the car
Street shots taken from the car
Street shots taken from the car
Street shots taken from the car
Street shots taken from the car

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