Travelling to Australia? Take a look

Rewind 7 months & the original plan was to travel australia, work there and then carry on travelling in australia. After a few months of working in Dingo however, I changed my mind.

I figured Asia would be the best place to visit after Australia. ( I will post about this next )

The main factors on this decision being made was money & culture.

When I arrived in Australia, I had the equivelent of $4500 AUD.

The tours and accomodation sucks up that money SO quickly, but without a form of transport, it was the only way to visit and do the things I intended on doing. I’d totally recommend taking more if you wish to travel alot more before working there – This money lasted around 5 weeks for me. Tours generally cost, at a minimum, $100 AUD. Generally were more than this figure. The tours which I went on included Philip Island Penguins in Melbourne, Ayres Rock in Alice Springs & a few others. ( The neighbours tour was super fun if your a fan!) I also did some activities in Alice such as Outback Quadding – our guide Frosty was ace – totally recommend these guys – and the Hot Air Balloon ride – the guides Ron and Rigel were real informative about Alice Springs and the local culture

On average, I was paying $30 AUD a room for my own room, dorms generally started from $25 bucks in the city. ( I paid extra for the peace of mind with my stuff being safe, and dorms were at this price with 6/8 people sharing )

If your hoping to get a camper – make sure you get it checked out by a mechanic where possible. We ended up hiring a camper instead of buying one as it seemed like that best option. We drove from Alice Springs up to Darwin & it cosr around $350 bucks between 2 people – the camper was huge! a 6 Berther. Check out – they generally ask you to pay a $1000 deposit incase anything happens – but you DO get this money back as long as all is well when you return the camper. Keep a credit card on you as alot of rental places dont accept debit cards.

6 Berth Britz Camper on a relocation rental from Alice to Darwin

Food costs varied depending where you ate but things such as cocktails were around $15 bucks sometimes more in the city & smokes are priced around $30 bucks – so hey if you smoke, you should quit before going Australia! ( The cocktails are SO good though ) You can keep costs down by visiting local supermarkets or shops such as 7/11 or Coles and buying food then cooking them up at the hostel ( most hostels have a shared kitchen ) I found after a few weeks of doing this my taste buds were screaming for good food!

Internal flights are pretty cheap for the land that you cover eg; from Brisbane to Sydney I paid around $100 AUD which includes check in luggage – You can sometimes get them cheaper than this cost.

The flights from Australia on to Asia are super cheap! This is another reason why I headed on to Asia next ( I am in Bali right now writing this blog – ooo la la! )

Flights internally in Aus were booked with Virgin Blue ( they were the cheapest in most cases ) and one was booked with Quantas. Other airlines to look out for are Jetstar & Tiger airways. A great site to use is – I have used this for most of the trip.

For flights into asia, Air Asia are by far the cheapest around – For instance from Darwin to Denpaser ( Bali ) it cost me  $146 AUD which includes all taxes and surcharges and also checked in luggage. The only thing it excludes is food however its just a couple of hours flight so it didnt really bother me too much. You can pay for food onboard the flight  if all else fails.

It seemed like such a shame to come ALL the way to Australia and not meet their neighbours! So here I am!

Hope this helps!


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