Good Evening Bangkok

So I just downloaded WordPress for my iPhone & thought i’d so a short blog post on the go! How cool huh!

I just arrived in Bangkok this morning, the last stop was Koh Samui. I was meant to stay there for 2 days, however I just fell in love with the fact that the accommodation was bang right by the beach.

So I quickly changed the stay for a few nights.. And then a few more. Ok ok 7 day later I left! It was just gorgeous. I totally recommend Lamai Beach in Koh Samui if your ever visiting. Just stunning!

So anyway, a 1.5 hour ferry ride and a VERY long bus ride later, I arrived in Bangkok early this morning.

After resting up, figured I’d go have a mooch. It’s just stunning!

Where I’m staying, Huamark Bangkapi, it’s a 20 minute cab ride out of the city but wow it’s just insane out here right now.

Here’s 2 shots I took on the go this evening. I’m here for another few nights- no doubt I’ll be going out for more shots and will blog about them soon.






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