Bangkok – The City never sleeps

After visiting Koh Samui for around a week, next stop was Bangkok.

Being the city girl that I am, I was super excited about the next stop. Koh Samui gave me a chance to relax and refuel – it had been non stop since leaving Australia. After having worked for 6 months straight too, the down time was necessary! Lazing by the beach – ohh yeah! loved it !

As I’m travelling on a budget, travelling by land fits perfectly into plans. It’s super cheap compared to flying, although it’s tiring sometimes.

The itenary was this – Leave Koh Samui by ferry at 11:00am – its to be a 1.5 hours ferry ride back to mainland, in this case, to surat thani – from here I was told it’s a connecting bus ride straight to bangkok.

The  REAL  itenary was this – leave on a ferry to surat thani at 11:30am – arrive in Surat Thani – wait around for  hours at a bus station – I use the term ‘bus station’ very lightly & then the bus set off at 7:30pm from Surat Thani to Bangkok. One thing in Thailand, the bus driver stops every so often – no idea why – several bus stops later the bus tyre is slashed – so theres another 1 hr or so delay, eventually we hit the road and arrive in Bangkok at 7am the following morning.

The good thing about this was that all in all it cost 850 thai baht which is equiv to roughly $28 AUD. thats alot of land to cover for $28 dont you think? Bargain! The bus ride was comfortable as it can be, I managed to get the front top seat of the bus (it felt like a rollercoaster out front – fun!) so there was plenty of leg room and also I was able to recline the seat and there was aircon. So all in all not a bad experiance at all!

So I wake up at 6:30am or so and i’m just jaw dropping at this beautiful sunrise whilst we cross the bridge – tall buildings, bright lights, the hustle and bustle of street markets and cars and tuk tuks everywhere. The city is just such an inspiring place for me.

An hour or so later I checked in to the accomodation JL Bangkok – fantastic place and hidden away on a side street just off main road where all the hustle and bustle is.

Catched some shut eye and then ventured out in the evening. This city is stunning and its not even central Bangkok! I’m amazed! I have visited NYC, London, Paris, Mumbai & a few others – but this is something else. It has the hustle and bustle of all over the above, the atmosphere is just buzzing, people, lights, ladies on the street markets shouting your attention to buy their cashmere scarves and street stall foods, the smell of polution mixed with something so homely as spices mince in the food. fantastic!

Over the next few days I ventured into central Bangkok. The subway is fantastic value for money and is easily accesible. I couldnt suss out where the local MTR ( metro station ) was however a friendly taxi driver was helpful and knew where I meant and he dropped me off. Tip: Where possible – stick to metred taxi drivers – you wont get scammed this way.

To get from Bang Kapi ( maybe 20 minutes away from central bangkok ) to central was 29 thai bhat equiv to less than $1 AUD. The metro is super organised and you feel secure as they have security checks in the stations too. The metro was always on time the few times i used it too. Same concept as the subway / underground tube.

If theres anyting you want, Bangkok is the place to be! I mean ANYTHING you can literally buy from this place.

From highstreet stores, to highly acclaimed fashion stores to street vendors – if you have the money, its shopping galore for shopaholics! Shoes, technology, jewllery, clothes, hand made crafts, cushions, you name, they have it!

Like any other city, some things cost more, beware of the tuk tuk drivers. I got scammed and paid 3 times the amount to get from A to B.

Bangkok is a fantastic city – if you love the city – be sure to visit some day!

Hope you enjoy the photos!

Hustle & bustle of Bangkok City


Markets in Siam Shopping district


Good Evening from Bangkok


Siam Discovery Centre - Siam Shopping District - Shop-a-holic heaven!


Stairway to the shopping centre - just love colours !


Life of a tuk tuk driver



THE best dessert ever at the dessert counter in MBK!



4 thoughts on “Bangkok – The City never sleeps

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