2011 in Photos

The last 12 months have been amazing.  I’m still trying to process just how much I have seen and done in the space of a year. I’ve met so many amazing people along the way and experianced just so much it’s insane. Settling back into UK life is proving difficult!

I hope YOUR year went smoothly and you achieved the goals you set ( if any! )

If they didn’t, then let 2012 be THE year for YOU. The sky is the limit – if you want something, go get it!

Here it is, 2011, through the lens.

First pre-wedding shoot delivered - Here's hoping there are many more to come
Blessed to work with music artists from Manchester - So much talent out there. Their time to shine will come.
Let's not forget the other talented artists - They have a message and a beautiful way of displaying / delivering it. If it only it was more accepted like it is in Melbourne.
I left Manchester in March, the adventure began in Australia - The streets of Melbourne - Beautiful
To petting Koalas in Melbourne!
Hot air ballooning in the Great Outback - Alice Springs - So pretty


Ayres Rock at its best
Across to Brisbane
All the way to Dingo Queensland, 12 hours inland from Brissie - 6 months there working at a roadhouse - it was an experiance for sure - Met some beautfiful and amazing people right here
Blackdown Tableland National Park - Queensland
Winter nights by the fire in Dingo

Sydney Harbour
Harbour Bridge
Monkey Forest - Bali - What a cutie!
Trek up Mount Batur - 2am pickup - got up top for 6am - The most physically challenging task I have ever done! - Beautiful views - Very much worth it!
From Australia to Bali to Thailand - First stop, Phuket - Kata Beach - Stunning views
Beautiful views - Phang Nga Bay
Beautiful views - Phang Nga Bay
Koh Phi Phi - Thailand
Koh Phi Phi - Thailand
Koh Phi Phi - Thailand
Hustle bustle of Bangkok. Beautiful city
Tiger Temple - Chiang Mai - Amazing
Harajuku - Tokyo
Xmas prep in Tokyo
Tokyo Motor Show! LOVE this concept car - I want one!
Tokyo Motor Show! LOVE this concept car - I want one!
Tokyo Motor Show! LOVE this concept car - I want one!
Shinjuku Park - Tokyo
Shinjuku Park - Tokyo
Shinjuku Park - Tokyo
Shinjuku Park - Tokyo
Shinjuku Park - Tokyo
Tokyo Fashion - Inspiring
When you feel your at rock bottom - Your not. Pray and hope for these people. God bless them.
Tokyo Fashion - Inspiring
Tokyo Fashion - Inspiring
Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong
Whilst in Tokyo - I woke up one morning to an email. I had submitted this shot to a competition. It was the ' I ❤ Mcr / M.E.N Arena' competition. The shot has been shortlisted and will be blown up to size A0 and displayed in the artist's dressing room in M.E.N Arena. Along with Photography - Music is so special to me. M.E.N Arena i visited and STILL often visit when fave artists are playing. There's an unveiling event soon. I feel blessed & want to thank Striplight Butterflies - I took this shot at a gig of theirs. I'm lucky enough to work with talented people from the Manchester Music scene. This is a way of me giving back to the music scene.
Prior to leaving for travels, I use to go to a gig almost every week - generally behind the lens. However I didnt get a chance to see any live music whilst travelling. The first thing I did when I got back was see 'The Rainband' play live at HMV Ritz. Fantastic. This shot was taken on an iPhone as I didn't have a pass for the show. I try to not get comfortable and keep practising and push the boundaries where I feel I can.
Last gig of the year was Warehouse Project lastnight. Foals were headlining & Tom Vek & other DJs were playing. Amazing venue, amazing live music & fantastic company. Here's to plenty more gigs in the new year & opportunities to work with more talented artists .


Happy new year to you all – For some it’s already begun – for some it’s still to come.

Love, Laugh, Live life to the fullest.

Here’s to 2012!

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