Hidden depths of Manchester & Music

I picked up my first point + shoot when I was a little younger – Since a young age I have loved live music. Some of my ticket stubs I don’t have, but the ones I do have range from over 10 years ago. Boy do I feel old when I say that even though I’m only 25!

The music scene in Manchester has always been thriving – The number of BIG acts that come to Manchester are in the masses – Only a couple of years ago did I really start learning that the local music scene is massive, local bands that are unsigned – There are HUGE numbers out there and their music outright beats the the stuff on TV and the charts – & I hope that their hardwork pays off one day and they get the recognition they deserve.

This may sound cheesy but from the bottom of my heart I feel privileged to work with these people – I always have loved music and its the one thing that doesn’t let me down. EVER. The artists I have worked with have been some of the MOST talented people I have met in my life to date. Their sheer motivation and hard work they put into doing what they love is incredible. Meeting these artists, and hearing their stories and collaborating on photoshoots with them is just an incredible experiance for me and i find it SO inspiring i cant even put it into words.

Some of the artists I have worked with so far include The Shadow Riots, The Dirty Troubles, Duo Kenco & Nez & most recently, Sam Smith & Company. DO check them out if you get the chance – and if your from Manchester, more so – support the local music scene!

I wanted to share these with you from my most recent shoot. Thank you to Sam Smith & Company – It was a pleasure & I can’t wait to see you guys play live – Your vocals as acoustic in the middle of the park sounded AH-MAZING & the location was PERFECT – In the hidden depths of Manchester. I hope I delivered, as the location is special for YOU!

These are the B&W Versions ( I love B&W ) . I will post colour versions on my Facebook page, so if you like what you see, please pop on over to my page and ‘like’ at https://www.facebook.com/pages/PSHIKOTRA-Photography/115478008480858





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