Letter & Photos to 16 year old self

I recently did a photoshoot which you can see here. I was inspired by the kids and their performance at the dance studio. Last night I sat with a good friend of mine – After watching Blue Valentine (You must see it!) We sat talking about general things & got on to the topic of how when she was younger, her and her brother use to talk about ‘when I grow up’.

It got me thinking about how when your a kid, it shapes you as a person for life. I looked at myself & felt like I wanted to share with some of my past and how it’s helped shape me today.

If any kids out there are reading – Dream – It will make you work harder to achieve those dreams. Have faith – in everything that you say or do – Believe in yourself – everyone has a talent – When you figure out what it is – Believe in yourself & Hope. It’s life there’s bad times and good times, babies being born and deaths taking place, it’s the circle of life and when you learn to embrace it. You’ll be just fine.

This is what I would share with a 16 year old version of me.

Hey P!

You are coming to the end of your ‘school life’ – Your at that age of confusion and your soon going into college  & university and then right into the big wide world.

I know your feeling as if you don’t fit in right now – as if your peers don’t really get you – & rebelling against what your parents say. Guess what ? That’s ok! Writing from a 25 year version of you – Your probably never going to fit into that mould that’s ‘right’ or ‘normal’.

You will probably feel ‘misunderstood’ for a long while – But you know what – You know how to handle that. You’ll soon learn that being different is ok – You just had your first tattoo – I know – Guess what? Your going to get heaps more ink & you know why? It’s cause its your way of expressing yourself. The tattoos on your arms and legs tell a story – And their important to you & that ‘I dont care what YOU think; attitude you have – it’s going to get you far in life.

You have had some great friends around and some not so great friends around you – Your going to find out the hard way that people dont like to see other people happy – Your going to be ill for a while – Yeah it’s  the people who you thought were so special that let you down – But guess what? When things & people come in and go out of your life – It’s for a reason. Where good friends are lost, even better friends are on the horizon & friendships and relationships will bloom where you didnt think was possible.

You have been going to alot of gigs recently – Heaps of them – I see that your trying to learn how to take snaps at gigs – good on you – later in life your going to realise that the creative side of you wants to come out and unleash 100%  If i told you you would pick up a camera and consider it as a career I know you would think ‘YEAH right!’ but guess what…Yes this is what your doing right now. Your parents had hopes and dreams of you being a dentist, lawyer or a doctor, and you felt like you let them down but HEY your doing well for yourself now & your parents are proud of your sheer determination to success in your career & are 100% supportive. Your still bonkers over lighting at gigs & try and capture that shot even though it drives you nutty some nights!

Lifes full of ups and downs but you gotta hang in there and roll with the punches. Your going to travel and your going to see amazing things and experiance such beauty of the world that you didn’t even realise existed! Your going to grow as a person and gain life skills. Your blessed with family and friends that love you even though you don’t even realise it right now – Parents don’t want to see you get hurt – It’s why they are a pain in the butt most of the time – but you will realise this later on in life.Here’s some photos of you in the past & photos of you in the future – it’s uncanny!

From your 25 year old self.

P.S Your about to meet Korn, I know you have ‘Korn’ tattooed on you – you looked up to them and wanted to meet them for years. It’s finally happening – And your love for animals never dies!

As a baby your surrounded by the people you love and their the ones who really will always be there for you. You'll realise later in life.
Your first tattoo at 16 without your parents knowing - The 5th tattoo on the right. They soon learn to accept you for who you are - You will clash with them - But that's what parents love is.
In India as a kid you use to terrify the animals in a loving way like when you brought a goat in to the house and grabbing this puppy with the mother around barking at you. You haven't changed - You still love animals.
You love music - You STILL love music - So much. You have no idea how to express it apart from capturing it in a photo. Your still going to gigs. This time with friends who 'get you'.
You took this photo at a gig - Good Charlotte at Apollo - 2001 I think it was. You took the shot on the right in 2010 at a gig to help the local talent of Manchester. You have found a passion that brings the two together. Music & Photography. You submitted this shot to a competition - Yes its been shortlisted and will be on display in the Artis's dress rooms at M.E.N Arena. Where you use to go as a kid to see your favrioute artists.
You loved Paris when you visited through college - You went on to see NYC, Canada & many more places
You were happy going to see your favrioute artist. You now have the opportunities to shoot them at their gigs from the pit. Your not stopping at that. There's much more you wish to achieve and are constantly on the ball trying to reach your goals.
Sounds child like, but you looked up to Korn since being a teen. You saw them live in 2002 at M.E.N. You met David Silveria and you were blown away. Your now meeting J.D & co. You never give up on your dreams.
Your work is beginning to be used by Music artists - Your still working your butt off

Like the imperfections in this post and these photos – Your still imperfect – But if your happy – Then thats number 1.


4 thoughts on “Letter & Photos to 16 year old self

  1. great piece, love the concept. would be good to revisit and rewrite when you’er 30, 40 and beyond and see how your perspective changes.

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