Photography, Music & Talented Phil


I uploaded a post just earlier and I didn’t have much to say at the time. I like the photography to speak for itself. That’s the great thing about photography / art – you can interpret it however the hell you want to – there’s no wrong or right about it. Here’s a link to my post from earlier.

I just logged on to Facebook and saw an inbox message from Phil. You know Phil? Everyone knows a Phil. Phil is awesome! No? Yes really he is!

If you have seen my other blog posts you’ll know I draw alot of inspiration from MUSIC. Live music more so than anything else – music videos – and then CD’s. I would hate to see the CD going obsolete. The artwork draws me in – to pick up a physical copy and flick through album artwork is a LOVELY feeling. Unfortunately yes they probably will go obsolete. This is probably why I love to shoot artists live on stage.

Late 2010 I worked with a band ‘ The Dirty Troubles’ – they are/were from Manchester and I heard their music and wanted to work with them. Few months later we worked together and delivered a shoot.

Shot used on their EP

The other day I spotted an update status – Turns out the band no longer exist and the members are now working on their own projects. Pity that – This is still a track I play often – I look forward to their solo projects – Their a talented bunch.

Today I got a link on my inbox from Phil.

I liked his FB page over here and saw his Youtube video here – And what blew my mind was that last time I saw him – he was on the DRUMS. And I dont know what I expected to see when I clicked on the link but what I saw was him on the GUITAR and SINGING. Not only that but he’s playing the PIANO too.

Phil Cochrane – What’s The Matter Honey


PLEASE go and show him some love on his FB / YOUTUBE page. From being a drummer to being in front of a camera on vocals and guitar is mind blowing NO??


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