A hummer, cakes and a deathhawk

Yesterday I delivered a styled photoshoot – in the nitty gritty streets of Manchester.

I have seen plenty of love shoots with happy faces and bright colours and all lovey dovey aspects of it. My camper shoot here is a fine example. That’s what plenty of people associate with love. But what about the dark side? Am I wrong in thinking people are scared of love? I had a conversation with a friend not long ago – i asked them if they could see a future with their partner – they said yes but that’s what scares them – what if they died tomorrow. Two sides to love. Here’s the dark side to love with a splash of colour and lovely cupcakes! Cause even in the dark side of love theres joy.

Special thanks to Patrick for spending ages on his death hawk and dealing with the corporate heads of SNOG MARRY AVOID who tried to poach him not once but 3 TIMES before we even started the shoot.

And to Paul who came by with the hummer very last minute as the original ‘plan’ fell through – And Lily Bud Cupcakes for getting their super early! Sorry again!

Thanks Paul

Thank you to the following people for helping deliver this shoot.

Male Model – Patrick
Female Model –ย Sarah Tonin
Cupcakes supplied by Lily Bud Cupcakes & Cake Pops
Hummer from Tattitude Studio

These were beautiful cupcakes - look too good to eat


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