Pre-Production Shoot – The Rubys

I’ve had a great opportunity to work with Manchester talent, The Rubys. I first saw them support The Rainband over at HMV Ritz back in December of last year. Since then I’ve been working closely with them on a project.

It’s pretty interesting stuff to see a whole new angle to music. Normally I go to a gig or pick up a cd and listen to the finished product – but actually having the opportunity to see how they get to the final product is awesome and interesting. Kudos to these guys and any other musician doing this – it’s hard work and they deserve all the success in the world.

Be sure to check the music out over at & keep your ears peeled over the next couple of months as they go into the studio to record their album and start gigging this summer. Check out their most recent studio session at ALLFm over at . You can follow their shenanigans over at Twitter.

Here’s some shots from pre-production night

Barry looking concerned

Mike in his element
Dave was definitely rocking out

Tat getting his rock on

If looks could kill Lee, if looks could kill

Martin Coogan of The Mock Turtles / Vibe Studios in Manchester graced us with his presence. Gave the guys some homework.


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