Daystar Live @ HMV Ritz 29/03/2012

I had the opportunity to work with Daystar again this past week. They were performing live at Manchester HMV Ritz supporting The Rifles. The last gig I worked with them at was Dry Bar in Manchester. ( Great little hidden gem down Oldham Street, you should check it out if your around ) This time round it was from soundcheck through till the first 4 songs of the show.

The guys are lovely to work with and the goal of the night was to make Simon look gorgeous. Did it work?

Be sure to check them out over atย if you haven’t already.

There’s an interview with the lovely frontman, Simon Monaghan over atย so go and have a peek!

P.S I don’t generally post B&W and then coloured versions – However – I have posted a few colours too for you lot to feast your eyes on this time.



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