Backstage at the Manchester Arena

At the back end of last year I submitted an entry to a competition- it was titled I ❤ MCR. It was in in conjunction with SMG Europe and Manchester Arena. I received an email in December whilst sat in a hostel in Tokyo, telling me my shot had made it through. I was pretty ecstatic about it – Manchester Arena is a biggie for me – I’ve seen some of my fave artists play live there whilst growing up.

The guys held a unveiling event in April – the photographers were invited in for the event to see the pieces up in the dressing rooms at the arena. Didn’t know till the night but my shot had been put up along with one other in THE dressing room. The biggest swooshiest of them all. Stoked!  Few days later an article was published in the newspaper.

Definitely a highlight for me so far.

Here’s some photos…. excuse the quality we had sipped too much wine 😉

Swooshiest of them all
Definitely the swooshiest!
Yours truly with my piece

The yellow star with the purple dot by it – ‘Star Dressing Room’ – That’s my shot right there. STOKED is an understatement!

Shot was taken at one of my first gigs – if not my first gig i shot at. Thanks Striplight Butterflies & Tom with your shoes!




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