Being a quitter – Being published

As much as I was excited about sharing this with the internet I thought i’d be patient and wait for the right words to ‘flow’. I don’t know if they’ll flow but it makes sense in my head. And I’m generally anything but patient.

If your passionate about something or someone, you do what you gotta do. Highs and lows ups and downs. It’s like boulder rocks being thrown at after another …. but you keep dodging the rocks to get through to the other side – or to reach your goal or to get to someone. I do that often. I can’t think of a time where i’ve walked away from something I was passionate about. I haven’t quit. Not yet.  And I’m glad of that.

Where’s this going your thinking? That’s if your still reading. Back in February I put together a low budget photoshoot –  for the love of my art. Photography. You can see it here. It was a love concept but not your fluffy kinda love. I didn’t think people would get it. But I did it anyway. For me. It was a personal project. I aimed for it to get seen. Didn’t know how really but that was the goal. I had a few responses from people saying kindly ‘No’. But by persisting and having belief in the work and not quitting – wait a minute – by being patient  …I’ve just been published for the first time in a magazine. And it’s all the more special to me cause it was my own concept.

Unique Bride Magazine – You can order your copy over at

The message – Never quit if your truly passionate about something or someone. Do what your doing for YOU. You truly can’t make everyone happy. Your work may not be right for 100 people but there’ll be 1 person that it clicks with…it’s all it takes – One single person to ‘get’ it. And you could be on your way 😉

It’s been a great birthday weekend for me filled with heaps of music and being surrounded by stupidly special people ❤ I hope you guys have had a super weekend

Keep smilin’ and doing what your doing


p.s if this totally made no sense – i apologise 😉





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