Dreams + Goals

Warpath : a hostile mood in which a person goes at war against one another. (Wiki told me so ) It’s easy to go on a warpath against yourself.
Recently, I’ve found myself constantly thinking ‘Why is this not happening’ or ‘When will this change’ OR ‘When the hell will this happen’. I then remind myself ‘Patience is Virtue’. I’m currently trying to live and breathe that phrase. Easier said than done.

Today I came across this quote on the lovely inter web.

“The future you see is the future you get.” – Robert G Allen
Thanks Robert G Allen for that great quote.
I was sat at the Mac and it hit me. Dreams & Goals. For anyone that knows me, certainly offline, they know I’m a BIG dreamer. But for me, it’s where it manifests. It’s the beginning. You gotta be able to SEE it, to ENVISION it, to CREATE it,  to DREAM it for you to WANT it, to ACHIEVE it. I just turned 26. And my next BIG dream is unravelling. I’ve set goals in place once again to achieve this big dream.
Since the age of 15, probably younger I had a list of things I wanted to achieve, and everyday I would be dreaming it up on my head.
1. Swim with Dolphins
2. Skydive
3. Visit Australia ( Yep INCLUDING the set for Neighbours haha )
4. Hot Air Balloon Ride
5. Visit NYC
6. Pet a Koala
7. Tiger experiance
8. Experience Tokyo
9. Meet Korn – More so legend Jonathan Davies himself! ( IDOL!!!!! )
I’m proud to say I’ve achieved all of the above and then some.
What’s the point in this post your asking ?
Be a dreamer – set goals and be on your way to your FUTURE. It’s so easy to look at others and think wow why the hell is this NOT happening for me? WHEN will this happen for me? It won’t if you don’t want it bad enough.
You gotta dream, you gotta work your BUTT off to achieve your dreams. To achieve your GOALS. Quit looking at what others are doing – Focus on yourself and be PROUD of what you HAVE achieved and what you WILL achieve if you WANT it. It ain’t a rat race. But it’s easy to forget that.
An ex colleague told me this over a year ago ‘The only person stopping you, is you’. That’s stuck with me and probably always will. Cause I think it’s so true.
Start dreaming and living 
Here’s me having achieved some of MY dreams!
Meeting tigers in Thailand
Skydive in Cumbria UK
Skydive in Cumbria UK
Dolphin swim in Florida
Hot air balloon ride – Sunrise – Alice Springs in Australia
Hot air balloon ride – Alice Springs in Australia
Meeting my idol! Jonathan Davies and I

Have a good week guys



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