Shooting on set: M15 The Movie

I’m use to shooting and capturing as things happen. Music, sometimes it’s predictable if your shooting the same band but then if your shooting a new band and you haven’t seen their live footage or the likes and you turn up to shoot, you have to be prepared to get the shots in a little amount of time and its getting THAT shot. Weddings, again so many people around, you’re are there as a photographer to document the bride and groom’s special day – mess that up and you’ll land yourself in trouble. You need to be ready to go go go!

It was different to shoot on a set of a movie. M15 The Movie , directed by Rayna Campbell, is set to be released in 2013. It’s based in Manchester and the lead roles are played by Tom Collins, Lady Leshurr, Louis Emerick, Gary McDonald, Lady Killa. If you want to be kept updated on the latest then go and give their Facebook page a like by clicking here, the crew have worked their butts off and no doubt it’s gonna be one to watch!

It’s the first time I’ve worked on the set of a film – in recent months I’ve started analysing the link between cinematography and photography, I’ve never watched so many movies till now! – I never was a film buff  (short attention span, very) but this was insightful and it was awesome to be around like-minded people that feed off the energy and buzz around working on creative projects.

Here are some shots from one of the days – I’m unable to post too many up so as to not give away the plot of the movie!

Thanks to the crew for having me there – You are a talented lot and deserve the success!!

Louis Emerick & Gary McDonald on set M15 The Movie


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