The Rubys sign to Affinity Records

These guys are working their butts off and their beginning to see results. Dave (Drums) & Barry (Rhythm Guitar) went to school together. They formed a band at the age of 18, then life happened along the road somewhere, 15 year hiatus for marriages, divorces and breeding (Dave’s words not mine!) fast forward to 2010 the band formed as The Rubys, with members Lee on Vocals, Tat on Lead Guitar, Mike on Bass Guitar and Phil joined the guys this year on Keyboard.

The band released two EPs on digital download and CD formats (2010s’ “Sun” EP and 2011s’ “The Fear” EP). “The Fear” sold 2000 downloads on iTunes in support of, and officially endorsed by, the national domestic abuse charity, Refuge.

Radio Presenters and Indie Rock Bloggers have described The Rubys as “reminiscent of early Manic Street Preachers”.

For a band thats taken 20 years to form, the last 6 months has been a pretty exciting time for these guys.

From meeting them on a location shoot back in February , to going into the studio with them whilst they recorded their album Limelight Parasite and then their album launch at Manchester’s The Ruby Lounge to now seeing them being signed to Affinity Records here in Manchester. Yowsers! All in the space of 6 months. 6 MONTHS. 

I wonder where they will be in the next 12 months? Proves nothing is impossible – Yeah it may take some time to get where you want to be,  and you might go off track in the process, but if you want something that much, you’ll get back on track and get there!

Be sure to check their music out over at their official website by clicking here ,  find them on twitter by clicking here and Facebook by clicking here

Some shots from the signing below


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