Just a random Thursday night post. And Bank Holiday weekend.

It’s bank holiday weekend this coming weekend here in the UK. I’m heading down to London town for a few days. Hopefully it will re-energise me and spark some creativity back into me. I find getting away from the daily hum bug helps me alot in personal projects. To pick up the camera and shoot for the love of it. Inspiration is everywhere – all we gotta do is look around and listen. No doubt a post will follow next week.

Next, some bits of inspiration i found on the internet. And at first glance what I took away from it.

A path is the last thing I have. I do have a big goal though. How the hell to get there? It’s beginning to make sense piece by piece. Sometimes people have an end goal but no idea of the path. Follow your gut instinct.
What I think is right. If it’s the wrong thing to do – I’ll learn from my mistake. I’m only human. You get one shot in life. Wrong or Right. Forget everyone else and focus on YOU. Only you know what you want and what will make you happy.
I’ve found my passion. I hope you do too. And go after it – chase after that dream. Cos boy when it starts fitting into place, it feels good.
Reconnect with nature. That’s all.

Images from This Isn’t Happiness

Something to read:

One of Aesop’s Fables – Tortoise & The Hare by clicking here

And well life isn’t complete without music is it? Just listen to these lyrics! and dance!

If it’s a bank holiday weekend for you, take some time out and enjoy it! And for you guys that don’t have bank holiday – well, do the same anyway!

Enjoy & be inspired!


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