Hitting the streets of London & Notting Hill Carnival

Seems last week turned into a bit of a blur and I didn’t get round to doing a blog post!

The weekend of 24th August I headed on over to London for a work / break with a girl friend of mine. The work bit happened and the break bit happened but we came back more tired than when we left!

Friday we ended up hanging around Euston Station for a few hours as check in at the hotel wasn’t until 3pm, we stayed at Grange Strathmore by Kensington – It was simply stunning and the service was great! The hotel was couple of minutes walk away from the tube station too and had shops locally ( Would totally recommend it ) I had a reunion with a canadian friend who I hadnt seen in 8 years  – Holy schmoly! Client meeting followed shortly after then it was on to food and drinks for the night!

View from the hotel room

Leicester Square was pretty darn good to us and the vibrant city buzz was just gorgeous. Saturday looked like us visiting Camden and one of the museums followed by cocktails at 1 Leicester Square. Inbetween there we ended up on the city bikes biking around the city – now THAT was fun :-D! Somehow we ended up at the Penthouse – it was 7 stories high, the top floor boasted an outside lounge area – views were pretty damn good!  A Comedy Club was on the 6th floor then the place turned into a club at 10pm – boy we danced the night away! Who doesn’t need a dance eh?

From the Penthouse looking down

city bikes!

Sunday we visited the infamous Brick Lane & then onwards to Notting Hill Carnival. Loved some of the graffiti we came across around Brick Lane! Inspiring!  The first time either of us had been to Notting Hill Carnival & boy did it not disappoint. I do believe the punches they were serving had ridiculous % of alcohol in it cause 2 punches later we were dancing away on the streets! The DJ on the rooftop of the house – we didnt get the names but he had the crowd pumped! If your ever planning a trip to London – Do it when the carnival is on!! Just amazing!! So many talented people !!

Here’s some shots from over the weekend! Hope you guys had a lovely bank holiday 😉

We ran into this cool guy by Brick Lane! I just had to stop him and ask him if it was ok to get a shot or two – he replied ‘as long as its not a gun shot then yeah 😉 ‘ what a quirky guy!! Thanks dude!
Simply LOVE his style
Eleven…Eleven and a half!

Brick Lane
Notting Hill Carnival

P.S If it weren’t for the blazing sun and the punches and the amazing music – i probably would have got more shots!! 😉


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