New Finds: Music – Folk & Blues

Whats the next best thing to shooting music artists live ??? (photo I mean!) Discovering new music to listen to of course!

I find myself trawling through the internet and discovering new music most days. That’s not to say their actually new artists, just new music to my ears.

And then what happens is I decide to share it on social networking sites – mostly Facebook & Twitter – and I probably piss a tonne of people off in the process.

So I had a light bulb moment and thought I’d just share them via the blog instead 😉 The ears love a bit of everything – I’ll listen to anything once, then twice, then LOOP the heck out of that artist / song if I love it and if I ain’t keen then I wont!

I always love to discover new music – If you have any shares / recommendations then post them up in the comments section – I’d love to hear them!

First find is local talent Jim Adama from Manchester. I was shooting Sam Smith & Company couple of weeks ago and he was on before them. He’s currently working on his EP but keep your ears out for him! If you like a bit of blues – You gotta just check this guy out. Looking forward to seeing where he ends up. He’ll be playing at Salford Music Festival @ The New Oxford on September 22nd – Check him out!

You can find him on facebook here

This past week or so I discovered Hudson Taylor. If your a fan of folk music check these guys out. Their EP titled ‘Battles’ dropped last week – It comprises of 4 tracks – ‘Battles‘ ‘Drop Of Smoke‘ ‘Hideaway‘ and ‘Left Alone‘ . All 4 tracks are great but Battles and Left Alone are my personal faves. Battles  more of an upbeat track and Left Alone a little on the ballad side.

You can find them on facebook here and a video below.

Another new find is The Strypes. They hail from Cavan, Ireland and the 4 piece band have an average age of just 15! Not only is that just way too adorable but these guys are super talented. Influenced by The Rolling Stones & The Beatles (according to their FB page) you gotta check them out! They might just be rocks answer to ONE DIRECTION. Oh dear – Yes I went there! But it’s true!

You can find them on facebook here and a video below.

Hope your having a good week so far!



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