Photoshoot: South Asia meets Manchester

I find it hard to believe that it was so long ago but in January this year, Rabbia from Asian Wedding Ideas  got in contact regarding an idea she had for a photoshoot. We’d been tweeting away general chit chat at first. The initial concept for the shoot was to fuse together an asian bride-to-be with an urban element. It got me pretty damn excited as I’d been thinking along those lines for a future shoot, and so naturally I jumped at the chance to work with her – We set up a meeting to discuss the ideas to make sure we were on the same page. Turns out she’d had difficulties finding the right people to get on board and something I was kind of apprehensive about with this concept was that people wont get it but then again you cant please everyone right?

I’d done two shoots before with a similar theme  – The camper shoot had been featured on several wedding blogs and the punk shoot made it to publication over at Unique Bride. These two were personal concepts of mine and although I had knock backs from several places – I found that right places for them to be featured in. And its actually worked out for the best.

The thing that got me super excited about this concept was that it was so different in many ways. It may open up asian bride to be’s eyes as to how they can too look on their big day.  Certainly if your style is a bit alternative and ‘different’.  The traditional clothing and make up and so forth is stunning, don’t get me wrong – but  that doesn’t mean it has to be the ONLY look to go for right?

When my sister got hitched a few years ago she went for the traditional indian heavily embroidered lehnga style dress, traditionally it was white and red and the make up / look was red lips and natural looking make up. I guess the type of thing you see in Asiana magazine. What we wanted to do with this shoot was to show how you can work a different look on your day. If you choose to. And you can still look stunning!

It took longer than expected to co-ordinate the shoot however it’s worked out in the end – We worked with some insanely talented people and I’d like to thank you guys for all the hard work and the massive effort you all put into this shoot. We were up at 5am and didnt wrap up until 9pm – but it was so much fun and  yet again I learnt so much from this shoot  and I hope you guys have taken something away from it too!

We brought together some VERY traditional elements for the shoot…


Model: Ritu Dave
Photography / Concept : Priti Shikotra
Styling / Concept : Rabbia of Asian Wedding Ideas
MUA : Aysha Rauf – Look 1 & Look 2
Hairstylist : Jennifer Falon + Aysha Rauf
Nose Ring & Lengha / Scarf was created / supplied by Anita Mistry of It’s A Mistry Jewellery Design Studio
Mehndi / Henna : Sabah Ismail of DQ Designs
he artists who have worked on the walls used on look 2 – I tried to find out the artist names however no joy! You guys are super talented and keep it up – Your brightening the streets of manchester – THANKS! 😉

South Asia meets Manchester….. One day, 2 locations, 2 looks.


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