New Finds: Girl…Power? & being Thankful

I have some pretty exciting stuff in the pipeline but cant share just yet. Shot a wedding reception over the weekend, I’ll be posting the shoot up over the coming weeks so keep an eye out for that. Also started a part time job today. It’s pretty weird having a day job after not having one for so long. The last 9 months I have souly focussed on developing my photography and practising practising practising. I feel blessed to have had some amazing opportunities and have met some insanely talented people on the way. You know who you are! Who knows what the next 9 months will bring?

For anyone that’s trying to succeed in something you love but feels like its an uphill struggle…KEEP GOING!! Never quit!! Even if your seeing the tiniest progress, its progression and you’ll get there. Be passionate and give it your all – Remember, if it was EASY, EVERYONE would be doing it…..

On to music, it keeps us sane, last week’s new finds were boy heavy… This week its the girls round!

I discovered this artist last year when I was in Australia. I think it was via iTunes recommends. Asa (pronounced Asha) fuses pop, r&b, world, funk, soul and reggae through out her album ‘Beautiful Imperfection’. Her voice is just beautiful and I love how quirky her video for ‘Why Can’t We’ is. Her track ‘Be My Man’ is such a spirit lifter!

You can check her out on Facebook here .

Blue King Brown. Another band discovered whilst living out in aus. Melbourne based Blue  King Brown are are an urban roots band. Natalie Pa’apa’a on guitars / vocal dishing lyrics like ‘They’ll sell you their stories and tell you what’s right, Promise you glory if you go and fight, But don’t send their own kids to war in the night’ & (Come & Check Your Head) ‘As they can make honey you could die from a bee, kind to the sistrs, give us a chance. We sisters have the secrets of how to survive in a world of inequality they demoralise our souls’ (Women’s Revolution ft Queen Ifrica). The guys have opened for the likes of Carlos Santana, Damian Marley & The John Butler Trio.

You can find them on Facebook here

Ruby Ann Patterson is an artist from Manchester. Just watch the video and make your own mind up on this one….

You can find her on Facebook here

Killer vocal no?



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