Blah blah blah Aiden Grimshaw Blah and Randomness

Ever wake up and just wanna NOT get outta bed? Might be your day job, might be your work load if your trying to run your own business – when its all go go go or if your at uni and its your final year and you have your dissertation hanging over you. Or you might just be tired. SO tired that you just think – BLAAAAAAH. Because of all the reasons above!

Yeah that’s me right now. For the past few days I been waking up just thinking – wow BLAAAAAH. I get up, go and make a tea and sit down and just think more BLAH. It’s like blah blah land in my head right now. See where I’m going with this? Welcome to my land of Blah Blah.

I think I should get in touch with these guys.

I’m getting a new tattoo in the next few months – From my love of music – its gonna be the play, pause, stop, forward track, backward track icons. I’m making it up at the moment and gonna go drop by to my artist. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had these buttons built into us. We don’t, so i might just order this wonderful thing and sip on some more coffee to energise me and pretend they work. PAWWWWS.

I’ll have some wonderful weddings to post over the next few days SO to my lovely followers I thank you for your patience. I also have a new website in the works…WOO! It’s taking a while but let me tell you I’m proud of this baby!

Aiden Grimshaw. He plays Manchester this weekend. I’m going by to shoot the gig – and very much looking forward to it! Isn’t his voice just wonderful? Ooooo lala

Oh it just clicked. I need to take my own advice and do this again!

And if YOUR feeling like your in blah blah land too – then YOU need time out too! Go. Do. It

Signing off

P x

P.S Do atleast ONE thing that makes you feel UN-BLAH’d


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