It’s the weekend – be inspired!

So it’s 06:14am and I’m en-route to shoot a wedding in Herefordshire.

Super excited about it as the couple are off on a boat ride after the ceremony on River Wye.

That’s the thing about me I like things to be different! Infact it’s disastrous – routine slowly destroys me! One of my best girl friends pointed out that I live for spontaneity – and change.

She’s probably right. I mean, I love to travel, never was a day the same the day before / after. I was up at crack of dawn trekking up a mountain one day and then sitting on a beach getting sunburnt the following day.

She pointed out its probably why I love photography. There’s nothing routine about photography.

I mean, shooting a live show you don’t know what the artist’s next move will be. Sure you can YouTube a video to get a general idea of movement and what their energy is on stage but heck it’s capturing it as it happens – nothing planned – no routine, just capture as it happens.

Same for weddings, everyone’s facial expressions are different, reactions, atmosphere, there’s no routine no plan, to be able to capture moments as they happen is such a buzz! Maybe I work better under pressure?

I’ve had people say you need to get a career, you know, something stable and brings in a good wage. Everytime someone says this I’m even more determined to succeed in working for myself. Ya know why? Cause to be passionate about something and not be doing it is soul destroying. Been there. Aint wearing that t-shirt again.

I am inspired by different things. Music is #1 Nature is a very very very close #2 – the smallest of things is inspiring. And people. I love to surround myself by inspiring peoole.

Yesterday I got drawn in by Castle Galleries down Deansgate in Manchester. You should check it out ( I adore that place! You probably saw my tweets if you follow me and on fb status – I got ridiculously excited that I found the works of this amazing artist. His name – Stuart McAlpine Miller. After doing some more research into his work – turns out his current collection was essentially 20 years in the making. He speaks of being broke and trying to provide for a family including 2 kids… He sold his first peice of art for Β£24 – his work is now hitting around $25,000 and is admired by the likes of Sir Paul McCartney. Where am I going with this? Oh my days – never give up on your passion. Especially when it’s being creative. As a child your encouraged to be creative… Then you get older and it’s taken away from you. What’s up with that?!

When people say ‘you can’t do that’ ermmmm tell them this, Get.Out.Of.My.Way. Bitchface. Ok maybe get rid of bitch face there.

Be spontaneous. Break the routine. Do what you love. Be. Frickin. Passionate. There are no boundaries. You can excel by getting rid of that thought. Aim high and go grab it.

It’s 7:08am and day break! I’m gonna plug my earphones back in and enjoy the rest of my train ride πŸ˜‰

Have a lovely weekend beautiful people!



P.S this is really text heavy I know! But I’m using wordpress app on my iPhone with sketchy Internet! Sorry! x


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