Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween! It’s a great excuse to walk around looking like death…quite literally 😉 I’m off to a super talented friend’s event tonight. Shout out to Mel – You beautiful soul!

This girl is INSPIRING. Sorry, INSPIRING Yeah it deserves the caps & the bold. She’s returned to uni this year to grab her masters degree, whilst she’s doing that she’s also dipping her toes into event organising. She’s arranged a charity gig at the lovely Star & Garter here in Manchester, along with the intention of giving us a great excuse to dress up and look FREAKY, their raising money for Christie’s Cancer Ward, Manchester. Triple whammy! Live music, Halloween AND raising money for a great cause. Oh…I’ve been promised jelly shots too and freshly baked goodies. It gets better and better!

If your in Manchester tonight and want some halloween fun, come by Star & Garter. £4 for 4 bands plus special guest host, Mancunian comedy poet – Simon Rusty. Doors open at 7:30pm. Support Manchester’s Music scene! Band line – The Bacillus, Johann Kloos, Loaded Message, Antelopes.

Speaking of music, here’s some of my fave ghastly / weird music videos.  OK, Backstreet Boys aren’t exactly spooky, but heck I STILL love Backstreet’s Back. Everyone need’s a bit of cheesy pop in their lives 😀

Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl

Backstreet Boys – Everybody

Michael Jackson – Thriller

Mel B & Timbaland – Word Up

Destructo – Technology

I Fink You Freaky – Die Antwoord

I hope you all have a spook infested halloween 😀

P x


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