New Music Finds: Past & Present! Kinesis, Matt Corby, Sean Taylor & The Dunwells

Ever wonder what happened to that amazing band that you were thought were awsome, were doing so well and then they decide to pull the plug? Kinesis was one of them. The boys were from Bolton, back in secondary school / high school ( depending where you are ) a friend and I won tickets to a jam sess they were doing in Bolton – It was so much fun – I’ll have to dig out the copy of the magazine cause we made it on a double page spread ( Yep we were in NME!) I think their music still speaks volumes and it’s a shame they aren’t still around! They had 2 albums – Handshake for Bullets (2003) & You Are Being Lied To (2005). I can’t believe they have been gone for that long.

If you haven’t heard them before, you should still check their music out. They have a message through their music. And it’s still valid now as it was back then.

Kinesis – And They Obey

I just discovered Sean Taylor. And I’m so glad I did. Turns out he’s from Kilburn, UK. The album Love Against Death was recorded in Austin, Texas.

“One of Thatcher’s children, who became one of Blair’s adults, this album is a howl against both, a direct challenge to a world where we are judged by what we consume rather than what we contribute. Love Against Death is a direct challenge to a reality dominated by greed, inequality, and injustice. Love against Death is the choice we make at every moment, in every relationship, and by every action. It’s about taking sides.” There’s a free track available for download when you sign up to the mailing list.

And on that note, check out Coal Not Dole

I discovered Matt Corby somewhere online a few weeks ago. Love the internet for this! Massively reminds me of Jeff Buckley. He’s from the land down under ( Australia ) and moved across to London town in 2009, apparently supported Elbow on their tour! Missed that bloody tour! He also recorded his album out in Austin, Texas. You can actually download his mini EP titled Made Of Stone for free over on the website – so whatcha waiting for? Get clicking here!

P.S I LOVE everything about this video

Matt Corby – Made of Stone

Last but not least. The Dunwells. Yeah yeah, been banging on about them for a while now here, here and even over on Beatwolf over here I know, but hey they deserve the recognition. They released a EP in October Leaving the Rose – stripped back and raw – all 5 tracks are ACOUSTIC. Sucker for acoustic right here. There’s a splendid cover of Imogen Heap – Hide & Seek on here too – I love it! Well worth the £1.99 – get your wallet out and go buy it from iTunes here.

The Dunwells – Hide & Seek

Enjoy 😉

P x


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