Losing your mojo, New Year & X-Factor

What have you guys been upto this weekend so far?

I woke up this morning and saw a link to papers online about Aliens. Oh the geek in me loves reading about these things. Then I moved onto cleaning the heck out of my bedroom. It’s looked like a bomb hit it. For a while!

With so many changes over the last year – it’s the little things that I look at and think – wow this isn’t me. As silly as it sounds – I’m OCD when it comes to cleaning my room / house. It’s like my temple – I love it to be clutter free and it’s my haven where my ideas and creativity flair all takes place. Recently I’ve not wanted to sit in my bedroom to work in it. This is the weirdest thing EVER for me. I did wonder my productivity felt like it was taking a back seat just recently. Fast forward to today and I’m sat here with my lovely candles and scents going and I can feel the crisp air draught through my window. The room is almost done and I’ve put up some art on the wall, some of my own work and graffiti art I purchased in NYC in April. Already I want to get down to being creative. I’m feeling frickin’ inspired and I love it.

Losing your mojo?

  • Go change something in your work zone if you work from home
  • Get some candles going
  • Put some inspiring stuff on your walls
  • Create lists – So thing’s don’t seem so over whelming
  • Change the room / desk your working from
  • Even change the wallpaper on your desktop – it works for me

This coming week it’s the Hindu / Sikh festival of Diwali. It’s also our New Year a couple days later. For anyone that’s celebrating Diwali. I hope you have a WONDERFUL day and  eat lots of amazing food and spend it with your close loved ones 🙂 Happy New Year in advance!!

On another note – X-Factor USA. Boot camp is entertaining to watch and then I generally watch it to see if there’s anyone worth tuning in for. A couple years ago I was team Aiden – was stoked to shoot him not long ago for this reason – have a look here . This year? Absolutely loving seeing Vino Alan! He sounds amazing! I have the tendance of following the underdog. No doubt i’ll tune out of watching it if he was to get booted. It’s going to be fab to hear his music regardless of his position in the show. I’m a sucker for men in ink 😉

Have a fab weekend!


P x


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