New Music Finds: Marcus Foster, Joe Banfi, The Literature Thieves

I get so giddy when I’m about to share new music with my readers. I feel like THIS

when I rock up to a gig and discover new artists.

Sometimes I check out pre-show what the acts sound like, the great thing about internet eh. Then sometimes I  just show up and go with it, last night was one of THOSE times. I was shooting last night’s show so the photos will follow soon. I left the show having shot some awesome artists and 2 new EP’s to add to my collection. I felt like the above kid but in the M&M store in NYC. OHHHH I was one happy kid!

I’ve been a fan of Marcus Foster‘s music  since seeing him support Christina Perri earlier this year at HMV Ritz. His vocals are out of this world and his stage presence is captivating. When he sings, you FEEL funny things. It was fab to see him at The Ruby Lounge as it’s a more of an  intimate venue even compared to HMV Ritz ( 375 capacity for live music venue at TRL ) You may have heard one of his popular tracks without realising – I Was Broken – It features Kristen Stewart ( Twilight ) in the video. The quality of this track x 10 = Nameless Path – Marcus Foster’s EP.

Check out Shadows of The City vid below. It’s one of my faves off the album.

Check the rest of his music over on the website here and you can find him on facebook here.

I saw on my twitter feed a couple days ago that Joe Banfi was supporting Marcus Foster.  His name alone intrigued me so I had a listen to his music. I downloaded the free EP  Guts & Bones via the website. This got me super excited to see him live. I don’t know too much about him yet apart from he comes across as a nice guy after briefly speaking to him and he’s from Northwich – oh yeeeeah – Northern soul. Thanks for sorting the CD out Joe! I grabbed a copy for £5 from the show – infact 2! One for me and one for my besty who came to the gig with.  Kinda reminds me of a young Kurt Cobain at first glance. His EP dropped in September and includes 4 tracks – You can download Guts & Bones free over at his website by clicking here. This guy’s journey is just beginning – well, he’s been writing music for a while but you know what i mean!

The Literature Thieves were a breath of fresh air. These ladies started off the show and definately had the crowd wanting more as they got off stage. They don’t have an EP out just yet but no doubt I’ll share it on here when it does come out. Their sound is very folky and the vocals are distinct. The line-up consists of Angela, Amy and Cassie. It’ll be interesting to see where these girls end up! Here’s a youtube clip from a different show – Give them a listen – It doesn’t do them justice though – honestly! You can find them over on facebook here.

I’m always on the look out / ear out for new music – Feel free to drop some recommends at the bottom of the page.

If you or you know of any artists that are on the look out for a photographer – drop me an email at info [at] pshikotra [dot] com – I’d love to work with you.

Have a fab wednesday!

P x


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