How could I forget? Feat. on Rock n Roll Bride

As the post goes…How could I forget?

The South Asia meets Manchester shoot in collaboration with Rabbia at Asian Wedding Ideas was not only featured on ATLANTA based South Asian Bride Magazine blog but also on the oh so FABULOUS  UK based Rock N Roll Bride . It was only over a month ago, but it feels like aaaaaages ago. And somehow, I forgot to blog it. Somebody, kick me.

You can read about the photoshoot here . It was such a fun day, and the hard work paid off for the whole team. To be featured over in the states whilst being allllllll the way over here, well it’s a good feeling. Kat at Rock n Roll Bride is a REAL inspiration, and to be featured on the blog with a CONCEPT shoot is a fab feeling.

Thanks again to everyone who worked on the shoot and for the two blogs for featuring our work.

Some lessons learnt from this shoot – what were they?

1. Work your ass off and you WILL see results.
2. Different is GOOD. Don’t follow the masses.
3. I’d submitted 2 other shoots to one of the blogs above – they both got rejected. Third time lucky. PERSISTANCE.

Look 1 was featured on South Asian Bride Magazine
Look 2 was featured on Rock n Roll Bride



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