The good stuff

The internet is full of it! I love it!

I have an issue, internet. One of mine is not being able to switch off. If i’m not shooting, i’m planning. If i’m not planning, I’m researching. If i’m not researching…. You get the pattern. Even when I’m out walking, in gorgeous surroundings mother nature has blssed us with, I’m thinking wow this would make a stunning location….for a shoot. Listening to music, I’m thinking wow these guys are amazing, I’d love to work with these guys… I think i need a switch to flick off and on.

When I’ve figured out how to switch off, I’ll share it with you, for now though, I’m going to share some fabulous content I read on a regular basis.

Image from
Image from Swiss Miss

The good stuff happens when you share, when you collaborate and come together and when your open to suggestions and ideas. One of the big things I’ve learnt this year, by doing and seeing results I know it’s true!

So I’m sharing these with you, maybe they will help you in one way or another! If you find it useful, then go ahead, and share it with someone you know who may benefit from it.

P.S I didn’t put a description by it – where’s the fun in that? Get clickin’!



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