Seeing a live act and thinking ‘yowsers’ // The Literature Thieves

Yeah this happened a few weeks ago. You may have read my post and seen some of the live photography from this show. If you didn’t, it’s here and here.

Before I go further, I realise this post has nothing to do with photography, the reason why I first started blogging was sharing my travel stories and photography, then its turned into a journal for my photography to be shared and now I feel it’s time to add a different element to it.

I’ll repeat a bit of it. In different words. Marcus Foster – brilliant. Joe Banfi – WOW Keep an eye on this guy – He’s gonna be big. And Literature Thieves – well – this is where i went ‘yowsers’. But in the opposite order.

Literature Thieves were the first act to come on – the night was presented by Communion here in Manchester at the fab venue which is The Ruby Lounge. (No i’m not trying to sell you anything here and no i’m not being paid for this post either. This is purely for the flippin’ love of music.)

These ladies were absolutely super – either my ears need cleaning out or i’ve most definitely not heard anything relatively similar to this in a long while. And the best thing? But of course…they’re fellow mancunians!

I couldn’t find too much info on them – so i figured i’d get in touch and find out some more about them. Then I had this amaaaazing idea. To share it with you all. You can thank me later 😉

This has been sat in my inbox for a while, i’ve been holding off posting it till their single was out so I could link you guys to it. These ladies are stunning live!

You can download their single ‘Waves that Weave’ for FREE over at Red Deer Club . Get clicking after you’ve had a scan of this short interview with the girls.

So this is what the girls had to say..

So ladies, myself included, I don’t know too much about you just yet. Spill the beans, where do you hail from and what do you do?

Cassie (Vocals, Guitar) Amy (Vocals, Mandolin) Angela (Vocals, Drums)

How did the name of the band come around? It’s unusual! Different is always good:

Well, it basically comes from me (Cassie) stealing books from people (accidentally, of course) and there for being named a Literature Thief which I liked the sound of, and as we talked about it, it seems it’s a common occurrence with people, not returning library books etc.

You knocked us for dead at the show supporting Marcus Foster & Joe Banfi the other week. Who were your biggest influences, musically, when you were growing up? 

We all have separate influences from our childhood.. Amy: was raised on the likes of Bob Dylan, Velvet Underground, Jefferson Airplane (Pretty sure we all take inspiration from such women as Grace Slick and Nico though) Johnny Cash and The Carter Family. Ange: has three loves from childhood.. Simon & Garfunkel, Dolly Parton and her most favourite… Michael Jackson. Cassie: I was surrounded by a lot of different musical tastes in my house, it was definitely a main factor in day to day life, i’d probably take Fleetwood Mac ( LOVE STEVIE NICKS), Kate Bush and my hippy mum’s love for ballsy women as my influences. We were all in choirs as kids and this is where our mutual love for harmonies comes from.

How long have you ladies been writing music?

As a band we have been combining and working together on our songs for around a year and a half now.

What’s the big dream?

For this to be our jobs! We couldn’t think of anything better than doing this all the time, travelling around, singing our songs.

What do you write about? There were some deep lyrics that night! 

We write about whatever is happening in our lives. if we’re happy then the overall feeling of the lyrics are, and visa versa, but they usually have an earthy theme running through them, the moon, trees, mountains are a constant influence, ha ha. 

What’s the inspiration behind writing music? 

Everything we’ve created as a band is purely coincidental. We never sat down and thought about the sound we wanted to create. We’re all very new on our instruments, which works, and the more we’ve played we’ve grown as musicians and a band, it’s a constant progress which makes our future even more exciting. 

What does ‘success’ mean to you? 

For us to keep growing and people to enjoy our songs as much as we enjoy playing them. We love when people tell us how much they enjoyed themselves at one of our gigs.

As a photographer exploring and working on manchester’s music scene, it’s exciting to see so much talent out there. It’s exciting to see where you all will be in like 12 month’s time. What does it mean for you guys to be involved in Manchester’s music scene? 

It’s fun to be a part of any music scene! But Manchester is one of the best in the country for a good reason. There’s huge support for new bands, people constantly wanting to go to gigs, buy new music, we get to play great venues, work with good promoters and there’s a lot of bands supporting each other, they’re not all in it for themselves. There’s also lots of opportunities with small labels like Red Deer Club Records which is a family we’ve recently joined, and really excited about working with.

What’s the plan for 2013?

Our EP (Moon Stories from the Glass Mountain) is coming out in January, we’re planning a little tour after that, then hopefully play some festivals! After that maybe an album? Our EP was recorded in a live setting,  we wanted to sound how we do at gigs on the EP, so for the album we want to go fuller and experiment a bit, get some session musicians in, etc.

Who would you most like to collaborate with in the future? 

Ange’s answer to this was ‘F*** knows… Michael is dead’ which made me laugh, so I had to share it. But in all honestly we have no idea! 

Quick fire keywords for you – First thing thing comes to mind – List it – Go! 

Photography? Amy
Art? Personal tastes
Music? Timeless
Unicorns? ‘Legend’ (The film with Tom Cruise) & Layla Sailor
Ryan Gosling? Cassie & Amy: ‘FIT’… Ange:’Snore’
Letters? Cassie & Amy: Bills (Post fear) Ange: Thank you notes
Hot or Cold? Cold
Finding Nemo? Dads
War? Constant
Love? Begins and ends with pain

The Literature Thieves EP is released on 27th January on Red Deer Club Records. 

Their video for ‘Waves that Weave’ also dropped today – I absolutely LOVE it! Have a watch

You can find them on Facebook at
Give them a tweet at

Thanks ladies – I’m looking forward to hearing new stuff and seeing where you guys end up!

P x


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