Hibernating & Finding a balance

Hellloooo internet

It’s been a while! Last post was back on 29th of December. Shame on me eh. Guess what? I’ve been hibernating.

I hope you guys had a wonderful christmas and new year. Mine was rubbish! I had that horrid virus that was going around along with other things. I’m glad that the festive season and new year is out of the way in all honesty!

I want a holiday. Sorry I NEED a holiday. I actually feel pretty burnt out after 2012.Β Most of the time I was thinking this.


But then when I was out working with clients and on projects, it all made sense and was SO worth it. The benefits and feeling of satisfaction FAR outweigh the above feeling!!

It was the year I needed to set the foundation for the future, business wise. All the goals I listed in 2011, I hit them and then some. And I’m very happy with the way things are going and excited for the future. Scared, but excited.

Although I haven’t got round to taking a holiday yet, I took some time out after christmas and new year to just do not alot. I focussed on getting myself better, without good health nothing is possible afterall. And then I’ve been trying to work out the work / life balance. 2011 was the year for travel and what an amazing time it was – I wanna do that again sometime VERY soon. And 2012 was the year for work. 2013 is the year to mix the two up and try work it – effectively.

I couldn’t actually remember the last time I sat and watched my fave tv show without any distractions. Oh yeah, I use to LOVE watching One Tree Hill religiously, Gossip Girl was a given, New Girl was also funny. I lost track of all them shows cause I was busy working. Hammering away. As lame as it may sound, it’s something I use to love doing! So although it’s something so small, I’m getting back to it a little. I caught up on Catfish ( I loved the documentary, I just had to download every episode that’s been shown so far!! ) and my new fave tv show is Beauty and the Beast. It’s being shown on CW in the states – unsure as to what channel is showing it in the UK. But you should totally check it out. I’m hooked after 6 episodes straight! I’m inspired by the smallest of things. This show gets my creative juices going! What a yummy feeling.

Magazines – I use to spend hours reading magazines and being inspired by art in the glossy magazines. I brought a tonne of them at WHSMITHS (smiths is always lethal!!) and spent time with a cup of tea, in my jammies, sitting and just reading and being inspired. The last magazine I’d brought prior to this pile was back around in 2011. That’s insane for me.

No really, it REALLY has been ages since I brought magzines. This was the last bunch
No really, it REALLY has been ages since I brought magzines. This was the last bunch

Taking the dog out – Benji lives with my parents, thats a block away from where I live. Until December my pops / sis / whoever was taking him out. As standard now I get my ass out of bed and take him for a long walk first thing in the morning. It helps to get my day going and its something I totally missed doing. I love my walks! Even if it’s raining ( It’s Manchester. Rain is pretty popular weather condition – boo!)

Benji waiting – cutie!

Although I can’t see myself setting specific times to be working and switching off just yet, I’m sure i’ll get there eventually. Until then though, I’m giving myself atleast an hour a day to just hang fire and switch off to re-energise in the best way possible.

You should too! If you ever get to that point of ‘oh my god, what am I doing, I need to get a life’ then switch off for a while and just ‘be’. Watch some crappy tv, slob out on the couch, pick up a magazine or a book, something that YOU love to do and haven’t found the time to do in a long while. It can be the simplest and little things. Afterall if you CHOOSE to waste time, it’s not wasted. It’s needed!

I have some wonderful things in the pipeline and I look forward to sharing it with you all real soon.

P x





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