New Music Finds: The 1975, MS MR & City of Lights

Been a while since I did a new finds post. Fear not! It’s back 😉

I’ve got 4 fab bands for you to check out  (if you didn’t get to them before I did) in no particular order of course!

The 1975

Starting off with local talent The 1975. Wow wow wow. It’s an exciting time for Manchester music. Over the last year I’ve seen and heard some different + unique  sounds coming from here. We have a long standing history of great sounds coming from here… These guys are another a band to look out for. Their heading over to SXSW in Austin later this year and they currently have 2 EP’s available on iTunes. Their track ‘The City‘ is currently free to download on iTunes infact, go get it! Check out their video below. I tried to choose my fave one. In all honesty I’m hooked on all of them, so check out their youtube channel.


I worked with Shadow Riots a few years ago on a band shoot. Although the band are not around anymore, one of the members is now in a new band LVLS, these guys supported MS MR at Soup Kitchen not along. Although I couldn’t make it to the show, I checked out MS MR online. I’m glad I did. These New Yorkers are amazing. Just have a watch of this video ‘Hurricaine’.

City of Lights

I love hearing music from the underdogs and unsigned artists. Alway support the underdogs! You may have gathered that from some of my other NMF posts. City of Lights hail from Leeds and have been giggin’ it up for a while. They’re currently on tour and are heading in to Manchester to play at Retro Bar on the 21st (Jan).  I’m looking forward to seeing how their music grows and which direction they go in and looking forward to catching them live.

Check out their video for ‘Hope‘ below. It made me cry! Be warned 🙂

Also LOVE this remix of their track ‘This Isn’t Easy‘.

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Hope you enjoy them

P x


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