Exhibition // Almost Famous – Northern Exposure

So if you guys follow me on Facebook and Twitter you’ll have seen I’m exhibiting.

My first exhibition was at Manchester Arena – They did all the hard work though, I got to go along and just mingle and drink wine with friends. It was awesome.

That word scares me. EXHIBITING. It’s like ‘showing off’ ‘sell-out’. Actually, no it’s not. It’s working your butt off and putting it out under the public eye when I think about it, logically.  It’s planting the seeds,  then watering them, nurture, and seeing a result.

Then scaring the shit out of yourself cause you said yes to exhibiting in the first place.

Then I though what the hell am I doing. Like who the hell will wanna see my work anyway? The truth is internet, I avoided it like the plague. The first time I was asked I tried to hide over email, the second time, I said I don’t know, the third time, I couldn’t hide or say I don’t know, for every objection I gave, the venue gave me a solution and a reason to go ahead with it. Not just the venue, but also clients I worked with. I think THEIR positivity made me do this! Ok maybe ‘made’ isn’t the right term. Encouraged?

I’m typing away with a knot in my stomach. This past week I prepared my work, bugged the guys at the printing place cos heck I don’t know about frames and mounting, and all these other things, and then went and bugged the venue to help me with other bits and pieces.

And now my baby has gone for a while! I don’t care what people say – PRINT is not dead! There’s nothing quite like seeing photography in Print. Digital is just a different method, and both have their uses in different situations.

It’s over whelming. As a teen I use to have posters on my wall – literally every tiny minuscule space was covered by an image, a poster, a cut out from a magazine, my fave band’s interview that I found interesting or inspiring. I use to get satisfaction from buying a CD and looking through the artwork on the album sleeve. I STILL do! And to see my own work in print, getting ready to be displayed at an exhibition is just the weirdest thing ever.

I’ve learnt in the last year or so that you can’t make everyone happy. Not just in life, but even with your work. There’s always going to be someone who doesn’t get you or what your about or what your doing or why your doing. Although it can be difficult to come to terms with this – your best bet is to just keep your head down and keep doing what your doing. The hard work WILL pay off!  And I’ve figured this one’s for me and all the guys I’ve worked with in recent months. It’s been team work, and it’s giving back to fellow creatives and artists, and for those who will enjoy my work, for them. If you don’t like it – that’s totally fine too 😉



The exhibition is part of ‘Northern Exposure‘ at the beautiful setting of The Portico Library + Gallery here in the heart of Manchester. ‘Almost Famous‘ is the title of the showcase, in line with Manchester’s Music Scene, Artists + Venues. Oh I just felt nauseous typing that. Nerves are good right?

I invite you to join us at the preview night on Friday February 1st at 6pm through till 8pm. It’s FREE to come. The exhibition will be running through till 2nd March. So if your in and around Manchester, then nip in and have a look if its your sort of thing!

To register for the event – head on over to http://northernexposure2013.eventbrite.co.uk

Signing off!

P x

P.S This post may have been a little ‘bi-polar’.




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