Location Shoot // Musician Rick Kevill

This last week has been fantastic, I planned a couple of shoots and had a wedding down in Milton Keynes to top it off. It was wonderful! I think it’s exactly what I needed to get my mojo in check. It went for a holiday…I’ve got some exciting things in the works!

Last week I caught up with Rick Kevill to shoot him out on location. (photoshoot, obviously)

Rick Kevill’s from Manchester, his music is heavily influenced by the likes of Johnny Cash, Neil Young, along with the back catalogue of David Bowie and The Beatles. Resulting in a mesmerising fusion of western rhythms coupled with powerful melodies and lyrics.

Rick’s EP ‘Jigsaw‘ is dropping real soon, he’s gigging around Manchester this year amongst other cities and towns. He’s also heading on over to SXSW… I’m not jealous. Never. Errrr YEAH, I lie!

Be sure to check his music out if your on the hunt for something new and fresh.

You can find him on book of face at https://www.facebook.com/rickkevillmusic, connect with him over on twitter at https://twitter.com/rickkev501 and Website is at http://www.rickkevill.com

Here’s some shots from the shoot













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